(Property Assessed Clean Energy)

What is PACE?

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) provides financing for property owners to make improvements to their residential or commercial properties in the areas of:

  • Energy efficiency (such as heating and cooling systems, lighting, water pumps, insulation);
  • Renewable and sustainable energy (such as solar panels); and
  • Wind resistance (such as roofing, storm resistant windows)


  • SAFER homes and businesses.
  • SECURITY of knowing there is a much better chance of having a livable structure in place after a hurricane or catastrophic event.
  • COMMUNITY VIABILITY: The more homes and business which can pick up where they left off after a storm means communities recover faster.
  • LOWER INSURANCE COSTS Homeowner’s Insurance savings — up to 77% credit off of the filed rate.
    • Lower utility bills
    • Tax credits
    • Rebates

Download, the PACE Mitigation facts PDF Here

Jeff ClemensSenator Jeff Clemens, FAIR’s Vice President for Energy & Wind Mitigation Programs, represents the 31st District of the Florida Senate, parts of Palm Beach County. He is in line to be the Senate’s Minority Leader in 2018, and currently serve as Vice Chair of the Community Affairs committee. Before his election to the Senate, Senator Clemens served in the Florida House of Representatives and as Mayor of Lake Worth. At FAIR, Senator Clemens is charged with subscribing county and local governments for participation in the PACE program.